The Subtle Benefits of Running

Running has many benefits. Besides the obvious fitness improvement and potential weight loss, here are some lesser-known benefits of getting out there and hitting the pavement. Remember, running is fun. It doesn’t have to be a slog. Running makes you happier If you’ve been working out consistently, you’ve already found it: No matter how really… Continue reading The Subtle Benefits of Running

Dealing With Runners For Non-runners

Summer is in full swing, which means that runners are, too. Perhaps you’ve glimpsed fascinating creatures around and outside, loping along trails and paths. Perhaps you’ve even seen fascinating creatures in suburban settings, such as supermarkets and coffeehouses, hunting for food. But what do you actually know about these aerobic creatures that are self-conscious? Are… Continue reading Dealing With Runners For Non-runners

Contemplating A Half Marathon Race This Summer

You might be contemplating running a half marathon this year. The weather simpler to be outside running, with it getting warmer. Below are some basic guidelines to training for a successful half marathon race. The half marathon can be challenging. It can be challenging because there are multiple challenges joined into one, which is tough.… Continue reading Contemplating A Half Marathon Race This Summer